Conjure a woman who types at the desk next to her unmade bed every morning- sitting upright in vest top and underwear, the curtains drawn, drinking from her ‘I heart Sex’ mug.


In the 1994 movie Leon, the eponymous Leon- a moulded for purpose hitman with an innocent soul- has a pot plant on his balcony over which he worries, patiently wiping down the leaves and spritzing it just so. This meek ninja thing must have chimed with my older brother, because he soon went and bought himself a similar pot plant to tend to, placing it on his bedroom windowsill like Leon. It only lasted a couple of weeks though.


Do I have an inkling about what I should use as the title for this blog? The word ‘Spiral’ appealed to me for a moment yesterday. I was considering using it in some way. I’ve been experiencing chronic dizziness for six weeks and counting, and this blog is partly a fightback. The word ‘Spiral’ must have occurred to me as putting an interesting spin on my situation (pardon the pun). But I reconsidered. It’s sort of teenage.

No Clue

Inscrutable is defined as impossible to understand or interpret. That sums up much of poetry for me. When ambiguity is part and parcel of the message, I’m usually lost. I glean very little. It’s probably that I just haven’t found my guys yet, poetry-wise.

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